Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So it's New Years! Cheers all! As you also know it is that time of year for goal making. I have to admit... i haven't been big on this tradition. I am terrible at keeping up on stuff like that. Jimmy and i have set little goals like stay happy, or get rich(HAhAHA) but never anything serious. SO... i would like to set some goals for all you to gape at so you can keep me on my toes. Here goes:

1. Don't worry. Just enjoy the ride
2. Exercise!!! Chances are i might not
get too thin, but at least i can HONESTLY
say i am trying.
3. Read my scriptures more and Pray.
4. Have consistent FHE
5. Stay as happy as i am now(AHHH!!!)
SO there you have it. I hope i won't let myself down. I hope all is well with you all. HAPPY NEW YEAR! We love you. Party long and hard.


Marie said...

Kim, you are so sweet! I love your goals. You can do it! I'm excited that you guys have a blog. We just started ours. Now we can be blogger buddies!

Mamalissa said...

It was fun to catch up on your news and see some recent pics. I like the haircut (though you ARE crazy to try to cut your own!) Sounds like your Christmas was good. Hope everyone stays healthy and happy!
love, Melissa

Peter and Emily said...

Hey Jimmy and Kim. It is fun to know that you have a blog. Hope you don't mind that we added yours to our links.

Kim I like your goals. Especially the first one. I should adopt that goal. :)

carolynnjoy said...

Kim,Jimmy...your kids are sooo big now. I haven't seen the girls since they were brand new...actually I only met one, one was still in the hospital...and your son is adorable. I hope your doing well. Email me at so you can see my blog! Hope you are well...