Sunday, December 28, 2008

So this is our fun CHRISTmas story. We needed to get back on CHRISTmas night so Jimmy could get back to work the next morning. We knew it was going to be a bear out there so we planned to get on the road early. Well... it didn't happen. We left Mom and Dad's @ 9:00 p.m. Not the best time when there is a blizzard going on. Knowing what we know now we should have stayed the night. But then we wouldn't have had this experience. So anyhows, we're driving through Salt Lake and it is just pounding us hard. We were going 30 to 35/mph the whole way. The freeway wasn't even plowed. We finally get past Lagoon and it is still coming down. By the time we got to Brigham City we were going on 3 hours! It takes about 2 hours from Riverton to Logan.So we were getting tired. Well we saw the canyon was limited to chains only or 4x4. We had neither so we called everyone to let them know we had to take Tremonton.(Loooong way around). As we went on we ended up taking the wrong exit. We ended up in Garland, a pokey but cute little town. There was one gas station but it was closed. There was nothing open. It was dark and there was noone we could ask to help us. It was getting late and we were getting a bit nervous. We also had a little one screaming in the back and so you can probably appreciate our dilema.We ended up out of town in the middle of nowhere. Jimmy stopped and we decided to say a prayer. I was so scared. It was snowing again and we didn't know where we were. As we ended the prayer and turned our van around, out of nowhere, headlights shown on us. As it got close we noticed it was a cop! we both looked at eachother and said, "No way!" It was that quick. He got us back on track and called Cache Valley and told us if the borders were still closed. Then he turned around and headed back from where he came from. There was no reason for a cop to be out there. No reason at all. We were so relieved. And in awe as well. We were also fortunate to not skid off the road or get stuck. (Except for when we pulled up to pur home and got stuck right in our parking place! How funny is that.) When we got into the valley the borders had reopened. We got home @ 2:30AM! Crazy. But we had a little miracle happen that we will never forget. We are so appreciative of our Heavenly Father and Savior for looking out for us that night. They are our constant guide and without them there would be no meaning to anything. And thanks to all those prayers said in our behalf. We are dicovering there were several and we know we are blessed to have those people in our lives. Thankyou.

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