Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So i need to update. Things have changed around here. Jimmy has gone back to nights(YUCK) for the both of us. He is also tackling school @ the same time,. BUT... He only has 6 more classes and he will have his Bachelors in computer science. It has been along road for him. Hurah Jimmy!!! I am trying to start my business, Starswirlcreations! I make wooden signs and crochet blankets. So i will let you know how it goes. There is this cool website, etsy.com, that sells handmade things. I am way excited. I still have to set up my shop. i am also exercising. I have lost about 5 lbs! Yeah!!! I was also called to be the compassionate service leader in our wonderful ward. I love our ward. We have so much fun. i am meeting some of the best friends here. So that is me. The kids are busy as normal 2 1/2 yr olds are. The girls are potty training right now. So far nothing major. We are getting some panties this week and going gung ho. I just can't so 3 in diapers anymore. But i hate to potty train as well. AHHHH!!! Landon is a whopping 16/9 lbs! He is a tank. I have to post some pics. He is also teething @ 5 months. So his happy disposition isn't entirely the same these days. But he is still so easy and mellow. Other than that we are doing well.


Mamalissa said...

So you got my old job? :) I wasn't very good at it to be honest. I wish that I had done more. You will do great- plenty of opportunities to serve and help people.

I am also contemplating the whole potty training deal with Parker. Its a consuming process and you have to really want it and so far I'm not wanting it bad enough to actually DO it. Best of luck to you though. :)

damanda said...

i love etsy.com!
that's so cool!

Sarah said...

Kimmie, It is so good to know you how you're doing!  You will be a FABULOUS compassionate service leader.  Isn't it amazing how the Lord knows what we need and directs us how to get there.  Your family is beautiful.  Lots of love.  -Sarah