Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time Flies

I can't beleive Jimmy and I are 30! It seems so unreal. It makes me think. There are so many memories that come to me and so many people that have come and gone in my life. I am so grateful for all of it and for my life. I wanted to be cheesy and express 30 things that i am grateful for or memories i have had. Thankyou for bearing with me. I want to express my love to my cute little fam! I couldn't make it without you. Here goes:)


1. For God who sent me here and gives me strength.
2. For the gospel and the light is has been for me.
3. For Jimmy and the happiness he has given me, I have never smiled more in my life.
4. For my 3 beautiful kids and what they teach me. I still can't believe they are mine.
5. Memory #1. I remember the old neighborhood as a kid and how we could stay out all night and not feel unsafe. I did my best discovering then and I miss how it used to be.
6. For parents who were willing to bring me into this life and all the sacrifices they made on my behalf.
7. For friends that have come and gone. I will always cherish them.
8. For new friends that lift me up and allow me to be myself.
9. For adults and leaders that wrapped thier arms around me at my difficult times.
10. Memory #2. I love Fall and my mom would make alot of soups during this time. Well every year on my birthday she would make cheese soup and biscuits. It is alot of work to make which is why she only made it on my birthday. Well one random rainy day I came home from work and I could smell soup. I looked in the pot and it was my cheese soup. I asked her why she had made it, being it wasn't my birthday and she smiled and said, "Because I thought you would like it." I was in HEAVEN.
11. For the simple things in life that keep me going. Reminds me to slow down.
12. For a body and mind that works. FOr good health.
13. For this world and all the beauties in it.
14. To live in Logan and how blessed we have been here. We took a chance and it worked out.
15. Memory #3. I love stormy weather. I always pray for it to rain, even when I was a kid. Well one year on my birthday it was really rainy. I think I was 14 or 15. Well it rained all day and then in the evening the sun came out but it was still raining. I came outside and looked up and saw the most beautiful rainbow. It was perfect. I was drenched but it felt so good:)
16. For my home. Even though it is small, it welcomes all who come in.
17. For Jimmy's job. So glad we have one.
18. For my ward. It has really been wonderful. It has broken me from my shell.
19. For kind friends who give us clothes and stuff. Much needed miracles inspired by the spirit.
20. Memeory #4.I remember all the places Jimmy and I have lived. Each place has floods of memories. Alta Pines. Our cute first apartment. What a great start for our life together. I loved it there. Our second apartment at Mansfield. We hated it there but that is where we brought the twins home for the first time. I had so many spiritual moments in their little nursery. And then Mom and Dad's. The girls grew so much there as well as me. It was wonderful to be surrounded by family. And now Logan. We love it here the most. It didn't take long to call it home here. SO grateful we live here.
21. For blessings we have recieved when all hope was gone.
22. For a Savior who has walked with me and understands me even when I am wrong. For His love and mercy when I make mistakes.
23. For Joseph Smith and his devotion to stick with it when most would give up. And for my knowledge that he was and is lagit and that I don't doubt that anymore.
24. For temples and the power they bring us.
25 Memory #5. I didn't always know that we didn't have alot of money growing up. My Dad worked as a custodian and did odd side jobs like fix things for friends and neughbors. And my mom babysat to pay the bills. They worked hard and I didn't always appreciate it. But one thing they did for us was make Christmas wonderful. My mom did most of it. It was really magical. I want to do the same for my kiddos.
26. For my eyes. I could live without alot of things but that is one thing I know I couldn't be without.
27. For trials. They are pretty rotten at the time but they have shaped me and made me so strong.
28. For my sense of humor. I love to laugh and mae people laugh as well.
29. For all the things I do know. I don't know much about alot of things. But i know enough.
30. Memory #6. In Jr. high I was going through a phase. I didn't want to be the goody mormon girl anymore. So I started being disruptive in my English class. My teacher was a patient and kind person. But she also had a job to do and she did it well. I got sent to the principals office and to detention because I was so disruptive. I made the other kids laugh and I got a high off of it. She finally put my desk in the back corner for a while. I loved every minute of it. Well one day she pulled me aside and we had a talk about my sudden drive to be a rebel. She knew I was a good girl trying to be bad. She and I worked out a deal because not only was I a rebel but I was flunking her class. She promised me that she would help me pass if I would try harder in class not to be disruptive. SHe also told me that being good is not something to be ashamed of. If that's who I was then I should be proud of it and not try and be something I wasn't. I passed the class and my desk was eventually moved back. The kids soon forgot about it but I will never forget her and the love she had for me. SHe sent a note in the mail for my parents explaing that I had improved. My mom never recieved it, thank goodness. I kept it in my backpack for the following year to remind myself not to be ashamed of who I am.


Jordan and Jenny Singleton said...

Kim! Hey - I enjoyed reading this so much. You go ahead and be as "cheesy" as you want because I thought this was beautiful. Your personality totally shines through it all. I really don't get to see much of you guys, but I've always felt really close to you, thanks to your warm personality. You remind me of my mom because of that trait. So kind. Love you guys!

Jimmy and Kim said...
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Delina said...

Hey Kimmy!!! I can't believe how big your kids have gotten!I was hoping to come to your Scentsy party tomarrow but are plans changed and we will be in town Sunday thru Tuesday now. Of course you can post our blog:) its :) Maybe I'll get to see ya when we are there:)

colette said...

Oh Kim, I'm totally crying. Maybe it's you, maybe it's my crazy hormones. You choose!

Anonymous said...

I loved you post! Im so glad you counted your blessings, and that you are so blessed!