Thursday, September 16, 2010


Jenna is a tall and blue eyed girl. She is 4 and loves her sister Dee Dee. She couldn't say Danika when she was younger so she called her Dee Dee and it has sort of stuck. She is so happy all of the time. She always looks on the brighter side of things. She is really imaginative and likes to figure out little games to play with her sis and brother. She is a joy to be around. She loves preschool and is really smart. She memorizes things so well. Little kids love her because she is really patient. She loves to help around the house and earn pretend money. We have a small store (a green basket of stuff for them to buy) and she works really hard to get money to buy stuff. We love you Jenna Boo!

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damanda said...

aw, i miss Jenna a lot. she's getting very pretty.