Thursday, September 16, 2010


Landon is 2 now. He is a big boy. HE loves food and cars.He is adorable and so mellow. He makes us all laugh with his funny personality. His sisters are like little mommies to him and he loves it.He likes to play in the dirt and throw rocks in streams. He loves his Daddy and likes to wear Jimmy's shoes in the house. He likes to throw balls and climb things. He is a bit of a daredevil.HE loves to say " Banku Mommy." HE loves to learn new words and says his ABC's to E now. HE is very ticklish and loves dogs. HE loves to go to nursery and play with other kids. His laugh is so funny and girgley. He loves the castle park here in Logan and likes bugs. He lays on his belly and watches ants crawl around. He can do that all day. We love you Landon!

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damanda said...

he's such a stud! i love the last picture of him.