Saturday, April 16, 2011


Happy Spring all! We are so ready for the snow to stop coming. It has been a LONG Winter. I have been gardening for one of the first times since we have been here. I am not typically your green thumb gal but I am beginning to love it. I planted tulips and made our front planter look a little better. We have been busy with numerous things but all in all we are doing good. The girls did an Easter Egg dive but Jimmy didn't get pics. It's a swimming easter egg hunt up at their Aunt Kathleen's pool. They want to do swimming lessons which will be good. Jenna is really tall for her age and Danika is really short for hers. So they are going to be a funny pair come Kindergarten. Landon is all boy. He loves cars and trains and getting in the dirt. He also loves to tackle our puppy Maggie and she is getting so big that he will have some stiff competition soon. I am proud of my family. I love them and feel so blessed to be surrounded by them everyday.

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