Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So the girls are going to kindergarten in the fall. I can't believe it. So this was a tad tricky seeing that I have never done the whole enroll my kids in school routine. I was so nervous about what school to get them in. I had heard different things about the schools around here and decided to pray about it and wait. Well one day I was talking to a friend of mine and she said that there was a charter school nearby, Thomas Edison, that was excellent! That same week 2 other people talked about the same school. I was so happy. I also had another friend tell me to get in ASAP because they do first come first serve and then you have to be on a list. I consider this a miracle because I would have waited until Spring or Summer. So I went to the school and met with the teachers and the principal. It was a long process but I was confident this was where I wanted my kids to go. Well there was a chance I still wouldn't get in. Time went on and I actually called the school to see where we stood and they told me the girls were accepted!!! I was ecstatic!!! We are now in the application process. I am so relieved for Heavenly Father taking the time to make this possible. I know it's just a school and my kids would be fine wherever they go but I really wanted to find a school with a good and safe environment. Where kids were equal to each other. They have a dress code here which eliminates stereotypes and bullying. They focus on higher education and one on one assistance. The staff knows each kid by name and greets them friendly. The teachers care about what they are doing and love it. If you want more info on the school go to thomasedisoncharterschool.com and you can read more on it. I am so grateful to be done with that stress. I can't wait for the fall. I'll post pics of the girls:) Can't wait!!!

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