Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RUb a dUB DUb! tWo cUTe gIRLs iN a TUb!

I like to make their hair go wild. They actually hate it but i don't care, i have to have some fun. They also love their little heart buckets. They pretend they are going to the store and putting on their hats. It is so fun to watch what little imaginations my kids have. I am constantly entertained. I don't know realize much time goes by with just me watching them play together. They are truly the best of friends.


Peter and Emily said...

That is so fun! We love you guys. Sorry you've had the sick bug. Oh, and Jimmy, your blog entry is awesome!

damanda said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind that I just found your blog and I am going to be visiting it often! I love your girls' hair!