Monday, November 10, 2008

We just celebrated our 5 year Anniversary! WOO HOO! We were going to SL but it didn't work with us being sick so we stayed at home. We bought a new card game , SMACK. We got some mint Hershey kisses, which we had on our honeymoon, and some sparkling cider and played games and watched old movies. It was fun. It has been such a joy ride. I love being married to Jimmy. We have had a lot of fun as well as challenges. But when we look back on all of it we are so pleased to honestly know we are more happy than when we started out. That in itself is an accomplishment these days.

i am big on being really cheesy so i am going to list 5 favorite memories i have had these 5 years. here goes:

1. making pizza in our first apt. and having the middle come out like soup. We made such a mess but had a lot of fun.

2. Having no cars and walking to Smiths @ 7:00 pm with a few dollars of change we scrimped from our couch, just enough for one gallon of milk. I enjoyed being poor then because we really learned to appreciate things. I loved the talks of striking it rich one day and dreaming of what we would do with all that money. Then the next second saying we didn't want to be rich because we would miss the excuse to walk to the store only for a gallon of milk. We are funny that way.

3. Finding out we were having twins! Jimmy's face was white. We stayed up all night talking about it. We were so scared and had no idea i was about to go through the pregnancy from the pits. I really felt like God was mindful of us. What a surprise!

4. When we were dating i wanted to just hang out with just the two of us. We were always around our friends. So Jimmy took me up to the cabin. It was my first time there. He shared all his memories as a kid there on the way up. When we got there he took me up to the porch and put on his car stereo and we danced on the porch. It was by far the most romantic little date we had, yet so simple. I was so happy to be with him. He was and still is the best friend i have ever had.

5. We went camping once. Camping with us can be very frightening. It was before the little kiddies came along. Our tent was supposed to be a two man tent, but it fit only one of us comfortably. Well that night it rained and it leaked on us. We were also afraid because the wind picked up and we swore it was going to blow us away. Luckily we both have extremely bad luck and a sense of humor because normally this wouldn't fly. We also forgot a lot of things. But we had fun.

So there you are Jimmy. Thank you for the best 5 years i have ever had. And i really mean that. I love you sweetheart and here's to the rest of our wonderful years ahead.

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Trevor and Hilary said...

I am so glad you have a blog!! I can't believe you have been married 5 years. Holy crap!! Your little girls are so big and cute! That little Landon it adorable! I am excited to keep reading about you guys and what is going on. I promise one of these days we will make it up to see you. Love ya!!